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Österlen Kokkonst

Österlen Kokkonst

Restaurant & Shop


Tågarp 624


Österlen Kokkonst is a small authentic eatery located in an old farmhouse on the plain between the two small villages Gärsnäs and Östra Tommarp, about 10 km west of Simrishamn. We love good food and want to be an eatery where you can enjoy meals prepared with the dedication and sense of raw materials. We place great value on using local products from local growers and breeders. Much of our inspiration comes from the dishes prepared by the maids/chefs in the area long time ago. In our rustic kitchen, with room for many people, we offer cooking classes where participants can learn more about cooking and at the same time get new inspiration. We also offer catering for both small and large events. It is also possible to have parties and conferences in our premises. Summertime we organize a taste safari where our visitors can learn more about the food Culture in our region. We do a tour of the farm and the participants get to hear stories about life on a farm in Skåne in the past. The taste safari ends with a delicious buffet prepared with local ingredients.


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