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Ölands Kvalitetsprodukter

Ölands Kvalitetsprodukter

0703-33 69 33 & 070 926 77 52

Norra Bårby


Öland Quality Products Öland's quality products AB is based on cooperation between two farms. Both farms are located in Mörbylångadalen, in the middle of the world heritage - Southern Öland's growing landscape. During the harvest festival you can shop in our shop in Bårby, 3 km east of Mörbylånga. The idea of \u200b\u200bÖland's quality products AB is mainly to produce an environmentally-friendly, tasty and carefully cut and hatched beef. All beef is hanged for 14 days. Hinged beef from Öland's sever. Sausage, salami, hamburgers, smoked beef, icecream etc. Open chark dish "unpacked beef". Manufactured goods!


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