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"SEMCO" Specjalistyczne Gospodarstwo Nasienne i Przetwórcze

"SEMCO" Specjalistyczne Gospodarstwo Nasienne i Przetwórcze


ul. Spacerowa 75, Śmiłowo


This family enterprise deals mainly with the manufacture of oils containing unsaturated fatty acids. Wielkopolska Linseed Oil is made using traditional methods, based on local raw materials. The combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is very beneficial for the human diet. The oil is manufactured from the seeds of fibrous linen. Camelina Oil is manufactured on the basis of camelina sativa, which in Poland is traditionally referred to as “rydz” (in English: orange-argaic), given the orange or mould-like colour of its seeds, resembling the common orange-argaic mushroom. It contains a number of nutritious elements, especially unsaturated fatty acids. In 2009 this product was included by the European Commission in the Register of Traditional Specialties Guaranteed.


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