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"Edi" Ireneusz Pajor

"Edi" Ireneusz Pajor



The company EDI Ireneusz Pajor established in 2010 based on existing since 2001 farm Edith and Ireneusz Pajor from Nieborów municipality Pyrzyce. In 2009 produced on the farm goose pâté received the first prize in the competition "Our Culinary Heritage. Tastes of the Regions ". Since that time, the product can be purchased at numerous trade shows and fairs. Due to the great interest pies produced according to the family recipe and based on local raw materials (geese, rabbits) in 2010, a company "Edi". Currently, the products under a common logo "Treats from Nieborów" are available in many stores and organic regional products in West Pomerania province. The company's offer includes: - Goose pâté, - Rabbit pate, - Pate of chicken, - Pate fallow, - Jelly chicken - Lard with onions and bacon, - Lard, goose, - Smoked pork loin and ham, - Brawn golonkowy, - Blood sausage with liver.


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