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Hubert Gonera

Culinary Heritage Ambassador


Dedicated too and devoted in the development of food and tourism products on local, national and international scale.

He loves traveling and cooking, and above all the connections that these two worlds create.

He supports culinary trails as a tool to preserve and promote local culinary culture. He co-created culinary tourism routes in several Polish regions (Pomorskie, Podlaskie, Mazury Zachodnie) and cities (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Poznań).

He promotes quality cuisine through the implementation of events and promotional campaigns. His original project was the Night of Restaurant event, which took place in restaurants throughout Poland.

He is active in the World Food Travel Association (WFTA) the biggest platform of experts developing tourism on the fundaments of culinary cultures. From 2021 he is ambassador of WFTA to Poland.

Favorite dishes: Potato plantain – a typical Podlasie casserole made of ground potatoes, fried bream from Lake Gardno with young potatoes, dill and sauerkraut; strawberry cocktail on country curdled milk.
Favorite products: buckwheat honey, elderberry lemonade,
Favorite quotes: The discovery of a new dish brings more happiness to humanity than the discovery of a new star. Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
What is not first in the senses can not be later in the mind. Maria Montessori.
"Life can only be lived in two ways: either as if nothing were a miracle, or as if everything were a miracle." Albert Einstein
Favorite book about cooking: Gastrophysics. Charles Spence
Favorite books: Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Man in Search of Meaning. Viktor E. Frankl.
Favorite music: Jazz,
Hobbies: Jogging & tennis

Hubert Gonera
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